When you read about pregnancy in the wider media, everything tends to be positive, painting a happy and exciting picture. That’s true, of course; pregnancy is a beautiful thing. But that doesn’t mean it’s always like that, or that it isn’t both physically uncomfortable and emotionally taxing at the same time . 

There’s no right or wrong way to go through your pregnancy, it’s a super personal time, it’s unique, it’s entirely yours (and your baby’s!). If you’re struggling to embrace the experience, these are some ways to help get you through. 

Remember the Moments 

Nostalgia works in mysterious ways. As we look at the past with rose-tinted glasses, we sometimes forget the painful parts of the experience. When it comes to your pregnancy, that can be a good thing! 

It’s a special time in your life, rewarding, beautiful, but also very difficult at times. It can be hard to really savor the moment, so we think making sure you capture your pregnancy through keepsakes is a great way of marking the occasion for future reflection. 

Mindfulness and Meditation 

Pregnancy = stress. There’s no two ways about it. And sometimes it’s difficult for others to understand or accept; it’s even something you may struggle with. But don’t feel guilty, it’s perfectly normal to feel a lot of anxiety, worry, and stress during pregnancy. 

To help alleviate the experience of pregnancy, meditation and/or mindfulness exercises can really help. Deep breathing alone can lower blood pressure, for example. Research also shows that it can control pain, improve your sleep length and quality, and it promotes an overall feeling of wellbeing and happiness. Try it, we think the effects will surprise you! 

Be Honest 

Pregnancy can be confusing. You feel the happiest you’ve ever been, you have a baby coming. Yet there’s that sense of dread, fear, lack of joy. Sometimes anger at nothing and everyone. 

We recommend being honest, both with your friends and family, but also with yourself. If you can’t stand your partner being around you, tell them (in a loving way!). If the best way they can support you is by getting out of the way for an hour or two, there’s nothing wrong with that. Be 100% honest about what you need, and how you can be supported. 

Build a Network 

No matter how much your family and friends love and support you, if they’ve never been pregnant, they just don’t quite get it. That’s not wrong or something you should blame them for, but it’s the reality. 

Build or join a network of other moms-to-be, helping each other go through the experience together. You can celebrate milestones, share your feelings in a safe space, and know that you’re with others who understand exactly what you’re going through. Who knows, you may make some friends for life along the way! 

Spend Time on You 

When you’re pregnant, your main focus is your baby. Just as it should be. But that sometimes leads to forgetting you. That’s not only detrimental to your own health, but it’s not great for your baby either. 

Plus, you also deserve to be pampered every once in a while. For example, book an away day just for yourself. Get a full spa treatment, a massage, enjoy a nice meal. Treat yourself without guilt, focus on enjoyment and relaxation, which will give you a boost in health and will help get you through the pregnancy. 

Crying is Okay 

Sometimes, no matter what you do, everything just feels hard. Meditation isn’t working, that massage did not relax, and your partner is driving you up the wall for no reason at all. 

You feel those pent up emotions, you’re going to explode, but you feel terrible about yourself. Don’t. It’s okay to let it all out, to cry, to feel exasperated, lost, and needing help. Don’t be afraid to lean on your partner, on those around you, and to feel utterly helpless. 

It’s all part of the journey, it’s completely normal, and it doesn’t mean you are not strong enough. You are. Let your emotions flow freely, without feeling that sense of guilt, because you’re allowed. 

Embrace your pregnancy by embracing your emotions, that inevitable rollercoaster ride, because everything will work out as it should. And when all else fails, there’s always ice cream! 

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