A baby shower is a wonderful event that many guests look forward to attending as a way to celebrate a growing family. It can be challenging to find the right outfit to wear, one that’s not only stylish and event-appropriate but that will also be comfortable. There are many attractive outfit options available for casual and formal baby showers and ones that fall in between.

1. Maxi Dress

There is so much to love about maxi dresses, one of which is their broad variety of styles. Whether you want to wear a strapless version or one with short sleeves or spaghetti straps in warmer weather, or you’re planning on a long-sleeved version for chilly temps, the maxi dress’ long, flowing style practically screams low-key elegance, but there are many formal selections. If you prefer to wear shapewear under it, it’s easy to find one that complements your preferred style of dress.

For instance, you could wear shaper shorts or a bodysuit style. Since the dress is long, it allows for wearing full-body shapewear without anyone even noticing you sporting it as long as you choose the right option for the outfit you’re modeling.

2. A-Line Midi Dress

Just like the maxi dress, an A-line midi dress comes with several sleeve options (or sleeveless). You’ll find ones in a solid color and patterns, giving you a wide range from which to choose. Styles are available for casual baby showers in a range up to formal ones.

Let’s say you’re going to a garden party baby shower or one indoors that takes place in spring. An A-line floral print maxi dress is lovely and seasonally appropriate. When the temperatures dip, a long-sleeved option can be ideal.

The colors are also something you may want to consider. Beautiful hues for each season include lavender and seafoam green for spring, orange or yellow for summer, burgundy or beige for fall, and emerald green or navy blue for winter.

3. Romper

You’ll typically find rompers in solid colors, although it’s possible to buy ones with patterns. They’re incredibly comfortable, offer a serious amount of style, and are perfect for when you don’t want to wear a dress but still want to look dressy. However, make sure that it’s one you can easily get on and off when you have to go to the bathroom, as certain ones can be tricky.

4. Sweater and Leggings

Although leggings have a casual vibe, they’re not entirely out of the question to wear to the event, depending on the baby shower’s level of formality. If it’s a semi-formal or formal event, you’ll want to leave the leggings at home. However, if it’s a casual backyard affair where guests are encouraged to wear jeans and everyday leggings, then there’s nothing wrong with sporting them.

A sweater and leggings can be an ideal fall and winter outfit for baby showers, allowing you to stay warm whether the party is indoors or outside on a heated patio. During spring or summer, consider bringing a sweater, such as a cardigan, with you if the baby shower is indoors. If the air conditioning is going at full blast, you might easily get cold if you’re wearing short sleeves or a strapless ensemble.

5. Black Pants and a Button-Down

Black pants with a button-down is a great outfit choice for baby showers that are casual or semi-formal. Although the pairing has a chic look, it’s not the most comfortable option on the list, especially for those who intend to eat plenty of delicious foods. If you’re planning on wearing new pants to the baby shower, sport them once or twice ahead of the event for an extended period after you eat so you can determine if it’s an outfit you’ll feel relaxed in for several hours.

Straight-leg, boot-cut or wide-leg black pant styles are all wonderful options. You might be tempted to wear a white button-down to the event, but considering it’s a baby shower, consider wearing a colorful top instead, such as one in a pastel shade.

6. Midi Skirt and Bodysuit

Sporting a bodysuit with a midi skirt is a stylish way to celebrate the soon-to-arrive little one at a party filled with love. If you’re looking for versatility, you typically can’t go wrong with a black bodysuit, regardless of the sleeve length.

A black bodysuit makes it incredibly easy to find a complementary midi skirt. For example, you can wear one with polka dots or floral prints, or choose a solid color instead, such as an A-line skirt in olive green or beige. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth, considering you can re-wear the bodysuit going forward in any season with everything from jeans to cargo pants.

7. Turtleneck Dress

A turtleneck dress is a fantastic fall or winter outfit to wear to a baby shower. You could wear it as is, sport a belt with it, put on tights or go without, wear heels or opt for flats, and customize it in numerous ways. It also provides a perfect amount of warmth, whether you’ll be indoors or outside for the event.

Start Shopping for Your Baby Shower Guest Outfit

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s important to start shopping early for your baby shower guest outfit, especially if you’ll be buying it online. Beginning the process early — preferably as soon as you get the invitation — gives you plenty of time to find the perfect stylish outfit that coincides with the season and level of formality. Prepare for every aspect of the ensemble, from the shapewear to the footwear to hair accessories, so you’re ready for the event way before the date arrives.