At Podar Prep Preschool, our commitment goes beyond being recognized as the best preschool in Mumbai, it encompasses a holistic approach to early childhood education. We delve into the emotional and psychological facets of child development, including the delicate subject of grief.

Understanding toddler behaviour in the context of loss and grief can be intricate, even for adults. However, our kindergarten programs, rooted in the Montessori approach, provide a supportive environment where children learn to comprehend and express their emotions constructively.

Nature’s Guidance: Nature’s cycles offer a powerful means to elucidate life’s complexities, including loss and renewal, to young children. Within our child-centric education, we seamlessly integrate nature, aiding children in recognizing loss as an inherent part of existence, fostering a natural and healing perspective.

Validating Feelings: Promoting positive parenting, we emphasize the importance of validating children’s emotions. It’s crucial to convey to children that it’s perfectly normal to experience sadness, grief, or any related emotions, whether it’s due to the loss of a family member, a beloved pet, or a cherished possession. These emotions are profoundly significant to a child and merit our unwavering compassion and attention.

Creative Expression: Within the Podar Prep curriculum, we offer outlets like art therapy to enable children to express their sentiments about loss. This approach can be highly effective in aiding them in processing their grief. We advocate for a patient and personalized journey through grief, respecting that each child’s experience is unique.

Modeling Healthy Coping: How adults navigate grief significantly influences children’s own coping mechanisms. Part of positive parenting involves demonstrating constructive ways to deal with loss. For instance, releasing a balloon may symbolize letting go and serve as a potent metaphor for acceptance.

As the best preschool in India which is dedicated to early childhood education, we provide a nurturing environment for children’s growth, even amidst grief. We firmly believe that grief is a process, one that demands patience and empathy. By working collectively and adhering to this approach, we can ensure that, even in the face of loss, we discover hope and resilience together.