Good toys for young kids need to reflect their developmental phases and developing talents in addition to being safe. Children of all ages can use cardboard boxes, plastic bowls and lids, and other “treasures” in a variety of ways. Remember that every child develops at a different rate when you peruse the lists of recommended toys for kids. As long as they are safe, items from one list can be suitable for kids of all ages. Even those younger and older than the recommended range.

You can train your children with the help of educational toys, so that they could learn faster. They typically favour faces and vibrant colours. Babies can reach, explore their hands and feet, lift their heads, and swivel their heads. Here is a list of some of the fascinating toys for babies and younger kids.

1-Hape – Kitchen With Light & Sound

Hape kitchen with light and sound is a beautiful and fantastic way to enjoy as you learn. With various fun features including realistic cooking sound effects, a turning faucet and an electronic light-up stove. Its features include a microwave, opening cupboard and oven with clicking knobs. To get your first meal started it includes one metal pan and spatula. It comes with a sound effect to make the cooking experience real. To promote active and healthy roleplay it comes with a microwave door that opens and closes easily. To keep all your cooking equipment and play food there is a storage under the stovetop. It has a movable handle due to the presence of a faucet. This set has additional utensils, a painted window, cups, plates and plants. Your kid can enjoy this home toy to build an enormous fun-filled playground

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2-Doug Pound & Roll Tower

Children love to explore the world with their hands as they start to grow up, the dough pound and roll tower will be there to teach them. Your kid will be able to learn about colours, shapes, sizes and textures, moreover, it will help them in educational aspects as well. just watch your kids to their heart’s content and know that they have a playing tool that has been designed for them to have a fun time and learn side by side. This product dimension is 15.0 x 15.0 x 23.0 cm with the package dimension of 15 x 14.6 x 24.8 cm. The net weight is about 1.09 kg and is recommended for a 2-year-old kid. It is made of sturdy wood, smooth sanded pieces that are brightly coloured. It has exceptional quality and superior craftsmanship. 

3- Sensory Toy Squishy Rainbow Ball

 This Sensory Toy Squishy Rainbow Ball is best for kids who have anxiety problems as your child will reduce his stress by squeezing it. It brings hand exercise and a richer sensory experience as it is smooth without burrs. It increases attention and focus time by self-regulating with the sensory hand touch. This toy that brings a smile to your kid’s life is a therapeutic play with 0.2 KG for a 3-year-old kid. The product dimension is 7 x 7 x 7 cm and the package dimension is 7.2 x 7.2 x 10.80 cm. You can add this toy to your toddler’s room to make him have fun and play all day and to reduce stress and anxiety.

4- Wooden Toy Cargo Walker

This wooden toy cargo walker is for your little one who has started to explore the world on their own feet. You must introduce them to this toy to have a versatile fun time. This toy serves as a walker for a new child as well as a storage wagon for the child. It is constructed with birch wood and is handmade, fitted with rubber trim and large wheels to avoid scratches. For the newly active child, this 2 in 1 walker is a superb option. For the health safety of kids, it is coated with water-based rose paints and stained with nontoxic. The handlebar height is minimal that is only 17 inches so it could be easy for your child to sit.  

5- Toy Bag Large

Do you want to store all your kid’s toys neatly in this toy bag large for fun and play? These fun storage bags are available in small and large sizes of (28 x 42 cm) and (40 x 60 cm). They serve as a basket for laundry and the range consist of five animal’s storage capacity with their matching colour and friendly faces. To give your interior a unique look it is designed with different colours and mix matched animals. You can easily move handy storage by the presence of two sturdy handles, which are made up of 100 % cotton. 

6-Airplane Toy W/ Launcher

Your kid can relax their eyes and exercise hand coordination by air plan w/ launcher. It is an educational toy for social skills. Your kid can throw and chase the airplane as it is a lightweight weight of 25 g only. It comes with a pack of 3 airplane toys in it with orange, blue and green colour. It has a plane launcher with blue gliding foam planes for a fun time. It is recommended for 3 years & above ones.