Why buy at www.newbabywish.com?

https://www.newbabywish.com/ is a store specializing in electric cars for children with remote control. For this reason, we try to sell the most advanced, highest quality and safest vehicles for our children while remaining cheap. Our go services are to offer quality. You can find similar cars at other stores, but these large markets are not specialized in this type of item and therefore their products have nothing to do with ours, sometimes they look alike, or it is the same chassis, but they do not contain the same components and they do not offer high-end features like MP3, suspension system etc.

Offers a warranty on all our cars, however, we ask you to check the box and check that it has not arrived damaged due to transport within the next 24 hours. In case you receive a damaged product we will send you the damaged replacement part FREE OF CHARGE.

So that you can buy a children’s electric car with absolute confidence and peace of mind, you have a 14-day return period, without further explanation. It’s that simple, if you don’t like the car for whatever reason, you can return it.

All our electric cars and motorcycles for children are certified by the CE, they comply with all the safety and quality directives required by the European community.

Newbabywish, is the main organization in remote-controlled electric vehicles with controller in our nation, we offer you the most spectacular cars at very cheap prices and with the highest quality

Where are 12v children’s electric cars made?

The products we sell are manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturers of electric cars for boys and girls, located in Asia and Europe. All electric cars and motorcycles comply with all European regulations. They are cars fully equipped with real lights, horn sounds, starting sounds and an audio jack (MP3), which ensures maximum fun for children and parents. Likewise, to give complete security, they additionally have a radio control so the dad has some control over driving them.

How are the vehicles?

The children’s electric cars come partially disassembled (mirrors, wheels, steering wheel in any case, with a guidance manual that will direct you in the gathering, notwithstanding, assuming you experience issues, you can reach us for help. The normal thing is that in about 30 minutes a person of average skill has the vehicle assembled and ready for use.

Climb slopes?

Dual-motor electric vehicles, having both-wheel drive, are capable of climbing small slopes and work perfectly on somewhat uneven terrain and lawns. Cars with a better solo are more suitable for driving on flat roads or short grass. It is also decisive if the electric car is 6v or 12v. Generally a 6 volt will have a harder time using it on rough terrain than a 12 volt.

We also have electric cars for children 24v (24 volts). These electric cars are very powerful and can reach high speeds. These cars are designed for older children.

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